Artist's agony and ecstasy!

Though I started this blog very recently, am not able to find time to write as regularly as I would like to. This is probably because of my other interests which take up considerable time.

A friend of mine, Vandana, an avid reader recommended and lent me RD's condensed version of Michelangelo's biography - The Agony and The Ecstasy by Irving Stone. I had to stay up late during the weekend to finish the book - It was so compulsive! RD has as usual made a good job of abridging the book and now I am on the lookout for the original work! I too dabble with paints and stuff a little bit(Once upon a time I wanted to do a course on Fine Arts) and felt the passion and the anger felt by Michelangelo when his art was restricted by the people and politics of his era. I did not know the extent of the Pope's influence till I read the book! Until not so long ago I too thought that Michelangelo's 'David', and 'The Last Judgement' at the Sistine Chapel (I first saw them in my History book in school when we were taught the French Revolution) were - well - immodest to say the least! After reading the book my view changed and I am happy about it! I learnt that it is not right to comment on an artist's work without knowing what led to it. This is not a review so if you are reading this blog just go ahead and get the book - It is worth it - The Strand Book Sale is on!!

[This in no way implies that artists should not bother about the sentiments of people - Like Mr.M.F.Hussain - who finds joy in nude portrayals of Hindu Gods and Godesses but clothes all the paintings related to his own religion!! Such a sad thing that he misuses his status and the so called 'freedom of expression'.
P.S: I saw a few really good paintings by Mr.M.F.Hussain(Reprints, I think) at my orthopaedic's! and they were nothing like the ones mentioned above!!]