A message and a beauty!

Here is what I thought was a sunbird until I sent to the group - Rays of hope - an NGO working towards creating awareness about nature among children. I have been with them only on one occasion, but Tejal had me impressed with her dedication, and love for nature. I too am a nature lover in my own way.

I do not use plastic covers (Since 1999!) - I have three nylon bags which can be scrunched and fit into even a wallet, so I prefer carrying them about me!

I do not use leather for footwear or for adornment (Would you, if you knew that snakes, crocodiles and deers are skinned alive so that we humans can adorn ourselves with their skins as a status symbol??!!)

I do not buy or accept silk! (Since the last year - I read about how they are extracted here!)

I do no litter (If I eat on my way I prefer to keep the wrapper in my bag)

These 'I's are not due to 'arrogance' or 'attitude' - they are listed so that anyone with a similar mindset can give me suggestions to improve in a positive manner! They are also here to remind me of the resolve!

They are there to implore my visitors to rethink if they have done so earlier, and think on these lines if they haven't done before.

Despite all these restrictions you can still be COOL, be TRENDY. Just remember we have only ONE EARTH! And what is available today to us may not be there for our coming generations UNLESS we preserve it. For me, not thinking of this is equivalent to my taking part in a massacre of innocent people - the people who are to live here after I leave!

I present here a little beauty I saw in passing, one sunny day - LOOK - do you not want it to be around for years to come?? Many thanks to Aadesh Shivkar for correcting me - I had mistaken this pretty thing for a sunbird!


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