One world two wheels

Its still a remote dream.............nevertheless we are inching towards it!

The idea of forming a cycling club in Thane was mooted by Mr.J. who runs the Firefox shop. S told me about it before the start of the race. I thought it was good idea but did not give it a second thought until I got a call from J saying there was a meeting that would possibly result in a club. I still wasn't convinced until I heard again from J saying there were about 8 members!!

I attended the second meeting - there were 7 or 8 of us. A,J1,J2,R(The stuntsman!), S, a lady S who hasn't turned up till date, IK and me. Hope I haven't left anyone out! The ground rules were laid at the food court in H.M. The following Sunday I was up at 6:00a.m. and ready for my first cycling. Pedaled furiously till I realised that the brakes seemed to be giving a problem. I had to drag up the cycle half the way up and resumed cycling the rest of the way with all my might to H.M where we had decided to meet. The time was 7:00a.m. I had already cycled (with tight brakes) a distance of 5 to 6kms. and was out of breath. After complaining about the cycle to J1 (since he is the shop owner!!), and everyone giving their advice and ultimately setting the shoe brakes somewhat right, we started from H.M and moved towards Y.H - S & I bringing up the rear (OK! technically it was only me!), and J2 despite being older is a km. ahead of us and cycles back to check up on us!! (Arrgh......I felt so embarassed - didn't know I was so unfit!!)

Anyway - we reached the foothills, and thankfully R the stuntsman changed his bike with mine, since mine had again turned tough to handle!! He handled it like jello!! Hmmmmmm...... I am way out of shape!!

R for your information happens to be a skater, skateboarder, snowboarder, instructor and I hear head crasher - he's got 5 stitches on his head because he hit his head while snowboarding without a helmet on!! He leads the way and the group follows. IK is doing very well - these two are a decade younger than me so it doesn't worry me much!! IK is another enfield enthusiast, I hear! J1 and J2 do very well. A is obviously fit. S is better than me!!

We reached the top, and I fell and bruised myself rather badly twice. There was this huge valley kind of thing which R decided all of us should attempt cycling smoothly. Though I am not usually afraid, something snapped, and I buckled out!! It was good fun the rest of the way - I kept pace with the guys at least - and that is not bad at all - at 37, a female and being out of practice :). We also went to a farm house which had these different trees laden with fruits - mangoes, chikoos, something like water chestnuts, and different flowers like bamboo, hibiscus and what not! The log house was rather cute. It was good fun. I enjoyed the ride down the hill immensely - it freaks you out!!

At the foot hill J2 treated us all to healthy carrot juice and soup. S ends up with a punctured tyre. The rest of us are fine. I return home at 11.00a.m. and find my H preparing a good lunch!! All in all - A well spent Sunday, what say??

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