The Oprah Winfrey Show had me in fits....

The children are playing on the computer, the husband is out to meet his buddies, and I am getting bored! The dust, clean and cook routine was done, and I was not in the mood to read the Dalai Lama's teachings - must return it and get something interesting! The birds are silent, and there is hardly any movement in 'the woods' - that precious little backyard with a few trees and many birds. I look outside to see two sleeping dogs, and since there is nothing else to do, I switched on the television. My daughter helpfully informs me that 'that's so Raven' - a program I enjoy watching is on air. I surf and stop at 'Hallmark' when I see Oprah Winfrey's show. She is haggard, older than her age and looks acutely sick - no, the heavy make up, the eerie rounds of kohl around her eyes, and the bouffant hair-do, do nothing to hide them, try as much!! (I hope I age more gracefully otherwise someone will definitely make me eat my words!)

There was a time, about 8 or 9 years back when my daughter was four and son was about 8 to 10 months old, and I used to have lot of free time on hands. In those days I was a big Oprah fan (She was plump and a lot more sympathetic looking then!). The craze ended when I saw this episode where counseling was being offered by Oprah and one of her endless experts to parents who did not know how to hire a nanny for their baby - who could not do without his mamma at night! Sucks - doesn't it? Now you tell me, which baby (The baby in question was about a year or two!) does not want its mother around at that age?

The funny portion is yet to come! A rather expensive nanny was brought on sets who offered her expert services to help the mother wean the baby - not from feeding but from sleeping with her!! There were recordings made of 'how the baby was weaned'. The program was recorded from the day of the problem, the coming of the nanny and how it was ultimately resolved and shown as though it was some kind of ideal way to bringing up kids......BAH!!

Initial portions - of the video showed the baby crying out for the mom, the mom and dad tired stiff and yet making their way to the baby and trying to stop it from crying and not succeeding.

Sometime later - enter the expert nanny who tells the mother and father to only look at the baby from a distance but not enter the room if the baby cries again. The 'oh so distressed' parents do it diligently - the baby cries, cries and cries itself to sleep. The 'terribly upset parents' cry outside but watch triumphantly as the baby falls asleep. Few more of such silly footings.

A week later - The expensive nanny watches triumphantly, the parents have big smiles, and the baby no longer bawls at night!!

The clippings end, Oprah and her team clap, the audience claps, some have tears in their eyes. The parents are looking proudly at their 'super nanny'!! Curtains down, program ends.

I knew that day that I had been a fool to follow her shows. When my kids cry even now, I cannot sit outside watching like a fool!! What kind of message was that show supposed to send? You leave your babies crying just because you want the night to yourselves - YUCK!!

That was my last Oprah until yesterday, but this time I had my camera, and took these for fun:
The topic for discussion: How overspending couples get into debts, and the steps Suze - one of the financial experts brought on the sets gives them counseling to get out it!

Here is Suze, she looks extra hard, clenches her teeth and looks at the 'overspending couple' like this:(Mind you - she is impressive and knows what she talks, and if you are one of those people who is deep in debt you should pay attention to her counseling - she was right and did come up with good suggestions and some hard hitting facts!)

Here is the look on the faces of the couples shown:- They look sad, dignified, sorry and then elated!

Here is Oprah looking stressed, sad and happy for the world:

My last words on this -
HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA!! It was one big Comedy show....and yes - an idle mind is devil's workshop! Can't imagine me wasting time like this!!

[Disclaimer - This is only my opinion of the program and has absolutely nothing to do with any of the persons involved in it - I only hope the errant ppl there have regained their senses!]