My love list!

Yesterday, a bookish friend came to me asking for an urgent report, and we got chatting about our respective recent reads. One thing led to another, and we ended up getting late for lunch...that is the magic of books. They can put a smile on your face just when you think you are upset and not in mood, they can bring out tears over things you thought you never cared about, they help you make friends with strangers, and (worst of all!) - they awaken your conscience just when you started smirking and feeling victorious over arguments and silly tiffs....

This post is straight from the heart, and the words are actually spilling over! Speaking of words I am tempted to list some of my favourite books (not exhaustive!), movies and songs. Let me see where this goes??? If you do read this post, and would like to suggest a good book or movie, I shall be very happy to look for it in the library, and then....leave the home and hearth to H:). This is not an exhaustive is an emotional list and I am also doing this just to please my self, and to acquaint myself with what others like! So, my dear few subscribers and visitors - please do leave your kind comments, suggestions etc., and make my day:).

Books! Hard to choose (I know no one's asking!)

1.I am crazy about and am a huge P.G.Wodehouse fan - Psmith(Does anyone remember that Hindi TV serial which grabbed Psmith's story and had Mazhar Khan in the lead - he did complete justice to the role:)), Bertie Wooster and Bill are my favourite characters. I quite love PGW's choice of names (Gussy Finknottle, Roderick Glossop, Honoria Glossop and Chef Anatole and..... of course the Drone's Club), and the myriad engagement experiences his characters go through. Plus I love his use of the English language. If I am in a bad mood all I need to do is read a P.G.Wodehouse to start grooving.

2. Sherlock Holmes drives me crazy with his attitude, knowledge and precise detection. I tried reading another Arthur Conan Doyle novel but never got beyond the first chapter! I outgrew Agatha Christie quite soon, though I loved her while the craze lasted! Hmm... Erle Stanley Gardner's Perry Mason was responsible for that short law stint:), Alistair Maclean for the adrenalin charged action and a love for the name Marie or Maria!, Tintin for giving the world Hic hic Capt. Haddock, and not to forget sweet William who made me guilt free after every naughty act!

3. Erma Bombeck - I first laugh at the title for a good 10 minutes before starting to read...and then I don't stop! Same goes for Bill Cosby:)

4. I am not crazy but like reading Sydney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer and Ken Follet. Recently discovered David Baldacci and Jeffery Deaver, and I am quite luvin' them. I prefer Erich Segal for the dramatic ends and more mundane happenings, and of course the deep research!

Currently reading:
The Time Traveller's Wife - so far only acted as a great sleep inducer!
Helen Keller's autobiography - so far it is inspiring!

Last read:
David Baldacci's - Absolute Power which made a compelling read and helped me in baking the Julia Child French Bread;
David Baldacci's - The Winner - compelling but the investigation was full of glaring loopholes. I would still call it a good read.

Last kiddy book
Madeleine L'Engle's 'A wrinkle in time' - Great read. Ideal for a 10 year old.
Eragon - Christopher Paolini - Good frnd above is urging me to go beyond the 4th chapter, but somehow I haven't been able to. She says it is better than Harry Potter. Just for the record I love Mary Poppins by P.L.Travers better than Harry Potter.
It's a different thing that I very much belong to the 'Pottermanic' (that's my word!) gang. Great series....consistently good! pukare aa re aa re aa re:)