Are we short of Heroes?

When Ishmit Singh won 'Voice of India' I am sure he had no idea that he will be the face of emerging heroes for India.

While I am really sorry that a young man lost his life just when his career graph was on the rise, I am also sorry that Punjab has chosen a reality show winner to bestow State Honours! This is nothing short of a snub on all the achievers from Punjab! Does India have no Heroes to choose from? It is such a pitiable state of affairs!

What message is the Government sending to its youth? What do you expect from your idol? Please let me know!! Am I out of sync with the rest of the world - I felt a hero is one who has proved his mettle, one who has carved a niche, one who has inspired many others to follow their dreams!

Or is there a change in the dream - maybe it is all about fame and richness and whether people know you as a 'celebrity', even if it is for one moment!!

Let me know what you expect from an idol, or a hero!!