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The world is full of talented people but only a handful get recognition, and the few who are recognized need not necessarily be the best among the lot - because art has to be marketed these days! It is more about how well you have exposed your works, which art galleries have featured your works, and which celebrity (who may have nothing to do with your work nor have any knowledge or interest in it!!) has graced your show.

I have come across some very deserving artistes who do not have a platform to feature themselves. Some of them belong to an earlier generation, and cannot really compete with the present generation when it comes to showcasing their works and the technical knowledge to feature it.

This post is dedicated to such unsung heroes. The pictures that appear on the side bar of this blog and my other blog - Tongue Ticklers.... are the works of such talented people. I do not have any nor do I expect any monetary consideration for featuring these works!!

Rangoli Artist - Shri.Trimbak Joshi

Rangoli is an art, well known in India. Rangoli refers to designs made with 'finely ground white powders and colours'. Please check up the highlighted link in Wikipedia to know more about the art itself. Rangoli also refers to decorating such designs with flowers or, to drawings on the floor with a thickish paste of rice powder with the help of cloth.

"Chola rulers made extensive use of floor paintings. They are known by different names in different parts of the country; Alpana in Bengal, Aripana in Bihar, Madana in Rajasthan, RangoliGujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra, Chowkpurana in Uttar Pradesh and Kolam in KeralaTamilnadu, Muggu in Andhrapradesh. Some of these, especially many of the North Indian ones like Aalpana more often refer to floor painting with traditional wet color, rather than the powder rangoli more conventional in south India." (Source - Wikipedia)

Shri. Trimbak Joshi is well known amongst 'Rangoli Artists'. He has carved a niche for himself in painting the portraits of the famous Saints of Maharashtra like Sant Gajanan Maharaj, Sant Tukaram, Nana Maharaj, Datta Kavishwar Maharaj and many others. He is a regular participant at 'The Geeta Jayanti Mahotsav' held annually at Kurukshetra. He is a recipient of many awards at State level, and is called upon by temples during auspicious occasions, and by associations to paint the rangoli of leaders. However, this is the first time that his works are being shown to the world in general, and I consider myself lucky to play host:). If you like what you see here or what shall be following in the side bar do drop in comments here. I will definitely convey him the online bouquets!! If you would like to contact Shri.Trimbak Joshi to feature him or collaborate with him please drop me a mail at sunshinemomsblog[at]gmail[dot]com. You can also leave your contact details in the comments section here, so that he can get back to you!

Shri. Trimbak Joshi's rangoli - The featured rangoli was made a few years back. The rangoli (It is not a painting!!) shows Lokmanya Tilak addresssing a public gathering organized by Dadasaheb Khapardekar, Kolatkar and Desai - Leaders from Maharasthra - in the presence of Sant.Gajanan Maharaj at Shegaon. Please do not copy the picture without my consent, which shall be given after taking the consent of Shri.Trimbak Joshi. These are copyrighted works belonging to Shri. Trimbak Joshi.

Lokmanya Tilak at Shegaon

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