Food related 'Muhavre', 'lokokti' in Hindi (Idioms, proverbs and pharases)

Mood tha ki kucch aisa ho jaaye, maze ke liye! Have you ever thought how much we refer to food in the world of idioms, phrases and proverbs in Hindi? I just thought of putting them together here. If you know of any more leave it in the comment section please. I update this post on a regular basis.


Apni khichdi alag pakaana - Have radical ideas.

Aam ke aam, gutlion ke daam - Reaping double benefits (Fell two birds with one stone)

Angoor khatte hain -
Literal – Grapes are sour
Figurative – Denial of the desirability of something, after one has found out that it cannot be reached. (Contributed by Sita)

Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swad - Incapable of appreciating the value of a thing/art etc. Literally it means "Can a monkey appreciate the taste of ginger" - English counterpart - "Casting pearls before swine". (Contributed by Sharmila on 21.12.08)

Birbal ki khichdi - A promise of providing that would never be honoured. (Contributed by Sita)


Dal mein kucch kaala hona - Used when we would like to emphasize that there is something more than what is visible to the eye, or to indicate doubt.

Dal nahi galna - As in "tumhari dal nahi galne waali"
Literal - Your dal is not going to cook
Figurative - Used to send the message that "you cannot trick me anymore" or "I have seen through you". Almost the same as "don't cook up any more stories" (In reply to a comment)

Doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani - Used when we would like to say that "Justice is achieved", or used when a situation gets clarified.

Doodh ki nadiyaan bahaana - Used to indicate wastage usually of money (Using milk in place of water).


Ek Anaar sau beemar - Too many takers for one thing.

Ghar ki murghi dal barabar - Tendency to undervalue what is ours.
Literal translation - Chicken made at home is equivalent to dal.
Contributed by Smitha on 13.01.09. I wonder how I missed this. My husband keeps telling me this because I go to a gym even though he himself is a good trainer!!
(I find this odd - how can one say that? dal is more universally loved:))


Jale par namak chidakna - Rub salt on open wound.


Kaanon mein tel daalna - Not paying attention or not listening to what is said. Be indifferent.

Khichdi pakaana - Scheming secretively.

Khotta chana baje ghana - Empty vessel makes more noise. Used for people who have little or no knowledge but brag a lot. (Contributed by Lakshmi)


Lohe ke chane chabaana - Work very very hard, or do a difficult job.


Mann mein laddoo phootna - Become very very happy

Muh mein paani aana - Getting tempted


Namak mirch lagaana - exagerate the truth.


Oonth ke muh me jeera - This is used to imply the 'short supply' for large numbers. Suppose you have to feed someone with a large appetite, and you serve very very less, we say it is like 'Oonth ke muh mein jeera'.


Tere muh mein ghee shakkar - If someone gives you a good news, which you wish would come true you say "tere muh mein ghee shakkar" to indicate that you hope that the news comes true.(Contributed by reader, Bhavani)

Til ka taad banaana - to make a mountain out of a molehill.


Uddhaar khaaye baithna - Remain dependent on someone.

This page will be updated as and when I come across or remember more 'food related phrases'.

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