Movies, masti, magic.....

I am a huge movie buff - its a different thing that I hardly see any movies these days thanks to exorbitant ticket rates. I like watching movies alone, when it is not a rush hour and there are no pesky youngsters around me, and now one thing or the other crops up besides being answerable to kids!

I like watching movies alone not because I have always been doing this but I realized there was no point in dragging along my husband and having him snore next to me in the theatre - it spoils the ambiance for me as well as others who glare at me! I remember once when I just had to see this new digital version of 'Grease' in Sterling near VT (Now CST). I took a day off, bought two tickets as my husband promised he would meet me outside, and was simply kept waiting! This was long back and I had never seen a movie alone before but the thought of missing the show having come that far was too much for me! I am a big big fan of John Travolta and love watching the music videos even now! That day I realized that watching alone was an even better experience. After that incident I have never again pestered P to accompany me to a movie. I think the last movie he really watched was 'My Brother Nikhil'.

Watching a movie alone has many advantages.
You do not need to suppress your tears if it is a tear jerker (I took two napkins, picked a seat in an empty row and drowned myself sneezing quite noisily at 'Black')
You do not feel embarrassed when there are adult scenes (I had to literally disown my children who kept asking me quite loudly as to what Abhishek was doing in the last few scenes of 'Salaam Namaste')
You can wistfully smile at romantic scenes(Music and Lyrics) without having your husband comment that the picture is getting boring, and
You pay half the price and get to have a sandwich with the coffee and popcorn without having to think about the exorbitant rates at the theatre cafetaria(Too many to name)!

There are some pitfalls especially if you are seeing something like 'Brokeback Mountain' and have giggling college crowd next to you, when you are watching 'Omkara' and admiring Saif's performance when the youngsters nearby start mouthing 'gaalis'. Uggghhhh.....that is the only thing that irks me and makes me squirm. I also hate it when I am seated next to young lovers who keep whispering so much that I hardly get to hear dialogues(Hitch). I hate when people are indifferent to the seriousness in really good movies, and keep making odd noises - I got into a fight with one such person when I watched 'Perzania' (during the interval) and sat as far as possible to enjoy the rest of the movie.

Such is my love for movies, and for the songs in Bollywood. My day begins with getting up groggy and putting 'on' the dvd without which I find it difficult to pep myself - I need it like tea! Songs whether from films(Bollywood/Tollywood/Hollywood Zindabad), non filmy, ghazals, qawwalis, rock or reggae (my favorite genres), classical - western or Indian, decide my mood and I am incomplete without music!

P.S: Today I am going to see 'Dostana', and don't miss 'Taare Zameen Par' on the tube - I am all set with a few napkins, popcorns, and the kids........:)

How do you watch movies - in a group, with your partner, alone?