New landmarks!

The other day I was to visit a friend who had recently shifted to a new place. I did not know the route to the place well and called her asking for directions. She mentioned the highway, a flyover and branches, confusing me even more! When I said I was completely new and did not know the area at all she struck upon a great idea. She is one of those gifted people who will have you in splits with her timely one liners and cracking wit.

"Go straight down the highway till you find a hoarding on the left side of "X"(The local corporator) - it is a huge one wishing him a happy birthday, take a left and keep going straight till you come to a lane."
"Is it the first one?" I asked.
"Don't bother about that - just look out for the one which has a huge overflowing garbage pile," she said adding, "you won't miss it!"
"What? I have to enter from that place?" I asked.
She laughed and said, "I knew that was coming. Don't worry you have take the opposite one, and this one is a clean and neat one."

I was a little confused as there were a number of hoardings in various sizes. One wishing everybody happy new year(from local politicians), some just displaying 'a', 'b', 'c',names of politicians in the area), and all along the road 2 feet hoardings of a prominent political leader in white churidar kurta! Looming behind all these was a huge board wishing "Happy birthday" to "....ji....." - I knew I had found my man (sorry the hoarding I needed)! The garbage pile was easy to locate as the stench was unbearable - the ghantagadi that was to pick the garbage had not yet come. I reached on time.

Do the directions sound weird? Strange as it may sound it is the most practical way especially when the roads are not maintained, when there are no signboards on most lanes. Sometimes you could even use the huge potholes as landmarks, or the flamboyant fountains that show opulence more than anything else! The buildings themselves are well maintained. If the lanes are well maintained you will find more hoardings obscuring the skyline. The leader has to make sure he is seen in his latest fashion. You could make out the change as the dress changes accordingly - each leader obviously has a portfolio shot!

These hoardings have become (a)political menace - the hoardings themselves are a problem because they loom bigger and larger than all other nature's beauties.

They have become a menace because politicians use it most hence a political menace. I hope someone's hearing!

(Courtesy - Marriam-Webster)