Commuting by train

I didn't think but must admit that it has been surprisingly fun traveling to work after all these years. It takes me two hours to get there but I have discovered joys that I had forgotten, just as I thought I would. I discovered that I have changed a lot during these last few years too (read as wiser, more intelligent, more mature... he he).

It was a shock when I found myself getting distracted and no longer able to get lost in 'Picadilly Jim'. Is it possible that my taste has changed? Hey, I don't think I want the kind of maturity that will make me lose my sense of humour! That evening while returning I stood by the door to feel the 'wind in my hair' just the way I used to, some years back. Only this time, the wind irritated me and I had to keep using one hand to defend myself from the flying hair of the lady standing before me! Wonder who came up with this idea of letting hair loose!!

The next day I carried 'Message in the bottle' by Nicholas Sparks, and was able to read it fast! I don't generally like mushy, romantic books but I quite liked this one, though not as much as 'The Wedding'. I had to skip a few chapters lest the overly romantic lines put me to sleep, when I had only four more stations to go before I reached VT. That evening while returning I took a seat inside instead of standing at the door. I no longer wished to feel the wind! I finished the book, fiercely fighting the tears that were clouding my eyes and threatening to drip down the corners. Then I went back to the chapters I had skipped earlier and read each word sniffling a little more - ridiculous as it sounds, this time the words kept me awake and gave me a damning headache!

I came to the conclusion that I don't need a headache while getting home, so no more N.S for me while traveling - I will stick to dear old Erma Bombeck and P.G.Wodehouse. No more standing at the door and getting other peoples' hair into my eyes, nose and mouth - Ok! I accept that I am a little over thirty (Sheesh... Jr.H is here. Ok! that was thirty-five), and sitting for a whole hour is definitely more tempting than standing!

I have got the permission, and am all set to open the doors to a beautiful place in Churchgate - so close and yet far from the madding crowd!!