The High Tide in Mumbai

Waves at bay on a normal day
Sitting on the promenade and enjoying the calm of the Sea on a normal day.

I work very close to the Marine Drive Sea Face and had the joy of witnessing the highest tidal wave of the Season. The high tide started today at 2:05p.m. We had lunch and most of us took a walk to the Sea Face - I armed with Sancho Panza:) as always! The crowd collected there amazed me. I stood along with my friends balancing on the edge of the road divider as going any closer might have harmed my lenses. It was fun seeing the shooting heights of the waves as they hit the promenade with full force and drenched the young and old revelers, bounded off the walls and overflowed the platform and half the road. We all ended up with sticky faces and hair due to the salty spray but it was all worth it.

high tide 2009 17
This is just the beginning of the tide

high tide 2009 16
The first few waves that washed the footpath

high tide 2009 15
After one of the high waves struck

They posed and then were washed!

These are a few pictures. You will find the rest on my flickr photostream, facebook and twitpic. It was good that today was not a rainy day otherwise there would have been havoc!

When I was taking these pictures I remembered the pics that were in circulation during the tsunami days. I think they were fakes - did they not look something like these?

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