The Big Fat Indian Wedding is all about FUN!

Ganpatiji ki puja on TwitpicAgni ko sakshi mankar..... on TwitpicThe prince and his princess:D on Twitpic
May they live, age and grow in love!

We had the best possible combination of North and South India at my cousin's wedding. She is half Tam-half Gujju by birth and completely Kannadiga by soul, and now married to a full Gujju, she can say she is truly Indian!

The nuptials were set out in Gujrati style. The ceremonies were new for us Tambrahms and a welcome change. North Indian weddings are relatively more fun than South Indian because of the Sangeet and Mehndi ceremonies apart from the fact that there are absolutely no restrictions and ladies, young and old are free to let out their hearts and dance like there is no tomorrow. No wonder that these are slowly gaining popularity and becoming part of South Indian Weddings too. I, unfortunately had to stay put and watch fro m the aisles as the procession danced their way down the wide streets of Vadodara where the wedding took place. Amidst crackers and 'flower-salutations' (both of which do not meet my environment loving mind at all!!), the groom got down from his horse driven chariot ( know that irks me, if you know me well!) and joined the crowd of friends and family and danced to woo his bride. The bride meanwhile with stars in her eyes was waiting for the sound of 'nagadas' (huge drums) to announce her prince's arrival.

I won't go into the details of the ceremonies. I had to stop taking pictures every now and then due to an accident that has injured my right knee, but I managed a photo essay to show you the essences of an Indian wedding. I decked up too but what with me taking pictures, I realized there were none of me to show my accessories!

The Bride:

My Cousin's wedding on TwitpicIt was a big fat Indian Wedding:D on TwitpicThe bride's accessories! on TwitpicCheck out the necklace! on Twitpic

The Groom:

The groom's turban on TwitpicHe wore a sherwani, dhoti and traditional jootis. on Twitpic

Others - Mother of the bride, Sister and my Mother:

Check the hair accessories.  The band is to be worn by the mo... on TwitpicThe bride's sister had her hands full, literally:) on TwitpicMy Mummy's hair accessory! on Twitpic


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