Birds in my backyard - Chapter 1 - Pigeons

A bird on tree is worth nine in the zoo -- Alfred E Neuman.

This is going to be the first in a series of birds in my backyard. Oh! I am so blessed! I live in a flat in a city, famous for concrete congestion - and yet, I am close to nature. My flat faces a marshy area :). The marshland attracts beautiful birds, and I am absolutely thrilled about it! There is a flipside but I will not dwell on that. Here are some of my shots - They are all taken from my window sill with a Canon A360 point and shoot camera - one of my prized possessions!

The pigeon was atop the neighbouring 'chajja' - Its neck looks so beautiful! They are very common and can be quite a nuisance as they seem to always move around in flocks and end up nesting just about anywhere - the ledge, unused pots etc. They are also very messy - but I could not resist shooting this one standing on my sill with my camera as far away from me as possible. I think it is the best of the lot!

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