Birds in my backyard - Chapter 2 - Crows are human!

My kitchen and my living room over look the pipeline as I have said in one of my earlier posts. Some of my happiest moments are spent at the living room window sill where I generally perch with my breakfast, a mug of coffee and the ubiquitous camera! I like to observe the flora and fauna in this habitat, follow nature as she changes her coats through the year, and sometimes I really wish I never had to look down. If only I just had to look at eye level, things wouldn't be so bad!

It is sad, the way people litter the backyard with hankies, wrappers, and even....undies!! Can we not limit the private stuff to our houses?

Getting carried away again - I had begun this post thinking of the birds, and sidetracked!!

The other day two crows were fighting - they were quite vocal. There was a lot of snapping, clicking sounds, and some feathers rustled! It reminded me of the kind of petty squabbles we see many times on road sides but it was what followed later that had me mesmerised. It convinced me that crows have the same behavioural patterns as human beings! It was a matter of seconds - suddenly from nowhere nearly 10 odd crows had collected. There was a lot of high pitched crowing for about 2minutes and silence afterwards. The group had split into two factions during the first minute, and in the second minute there was truce - all the crows including the fighters flew in different directions and the matter, whatever it was, was resolved!! I discovered that crows maybe noisy, but they are wise and diplomatic - qualities I still need to imbibe!!

I happen to be a remote member (remote because I am hardly able to attend all the activities) of an NGO group called 'Rays of hope' - its a group that is constantly thriving to get children to appreciate and respect nature through their regular nature related activities such as - a bird race, a nature trail, sowing seed competitions and the like! Tejal is one the enthusiastic organizers of these activities. I had been with them with my daughter and a neighbour for the my first nature trail at Yeoor - the 'insect-watch' which was an eye-opener! I came to know at least twenty new facts about an array of flora and fauna that day! I could only admire the wisdom of the children who were careful to remain still, not hurt but only observe nature - I wonder whether I was like that!

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